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Timing Markets since 1969

Management Joint Trust was founded in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland by Edouard Owczarczak, a Harvard MBA graduate, former allied member of the NYSE and lecturer on financial markets for 20 years at the University of Geneva.

During the 1970s, Mr Owczarczak developed a proprietary technical analysis methodology while offering asset allocation and stock picking consultancy services to financial institutions.

This methodology, labelled the 3T methodology was computerized as early as 1982 and sold via a microfiche system called “The Decider”. In 1984, the system was then introduced on-line using nascent networking capabilities. Over the years it was also connected to Videotext (Switzerland), Minitel (France) and finally Internet in 1997.

Although the functionalities of the “Decider” have evolved to include automatic situation recognition and timing projections, automatic price target calculations, portofolio simulation capabilities as well as a wide range of Filters to identify market opportunities, the core algorithms underlying the system are still very similar to the ones used back in 1984. The “Decider” offers a very wide coverage (more than 5’000 symbols over all asset classes) with unlimited flexibility in comparing assets or groups of assets among each other. The “Decider” is aimed at institutional investors and to this effect comes with regular coaching and market insight from our seasoned team of market professionals. For more information on the “Decider”, please review our press releases or contact or

FinGraphs, “Market in 3D for all Investors and Traders”

On 25th September 2012, Management Joint Trust SA launched FinGraphs, a didactic financial graphics platform aimed at a wider audience of investment professionals and active private clients. Many of the principals inherent to the 3T methodology have been integrated in this straightforward and didactic financial graphics platform.

Our Team
Jean-François Owczarczak, CEO
CFTe (Bronwen Wood Award 2012), MSTA, FRM | Phone: +41 22 328 93 33

André Owczarczak, CFO
CPA | Phone: +41 22 328 93 33

Edouard Owczarczak
President and Founder
Havard Business School Graduate (1964)
Lecturer on financial markets for 20 years at the University of Geneva | Phone: +41 22 328 93 33
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