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About FinGraphs
On 25th September 2012, Management Joint Trust SA launched FinGraphs, a didactic financial graphics platform aimed at a wider audience of investment professionals and active private clients. Many of the principals inherent to the 3T methodology (Mjt's institutional service)  have been integrated in this straightforward and didactic financial graphics platform.

FinGraphs is a chart application offering a visual methodology to analyse and follow many markets Long term to Intraday

Straightforward Methodology :

FinGraphs focuses on the essentials of any technical analysis decision making process. It allows you to instantly assess potential Trends, possible Price Target zones and Risk levels. No previous experience with technical analysis is necessary to use FinGraphs.

Markets in 3D :

all FinGraphs charts are presented over combinations of 3 time frames. These range from Longer Term to Intraday and will allow you to gain an instant perspective of how trends interplay over the time-frames that best fit your profile (investor or trader).

Extensive coverage offered by FinGraphs over 5’000 instruments, including single stocks and indexes in many markets, FOREX, Commodities and ETFs. Time-frames range from updates every week to every 5 seconds. All charts are continuously and automatically updated to stream live on your screen.

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