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Markets Access

Access a Specific Market

Once you choose a category: i.e. "Swiss Market Index (CH)" in Main Markets - Blue Chips, you enter a page with the first 12 symbols of this Index. If the index or category has more than 12 symbols, they will be found on the next pages.

What's on a Chart

What's On a Chart

Daily update ZOOM

Daily update ZOOM

Relative Chart

Relative Chart

Private Selections

MySelections vs MyMosaics

MySelections allows users to save lists of instruments in an orderly fashion. These can be Favorites lists, Themed based lists, Stock Picking lists, ... Users are able to reorder them at will, access the related chart directly from them or upload single frequency Mosaics on their constituents. They basically act as customized mini Directories and can include as many instruments as you wish.

MySelections allows you quick access to your chosen favorites/portfolios and their constituents. (For more information read the section MySelections)

MyMosaics can only include 16 items, yet it allows you to combine different instruments over different frequencies on a single Mosaic page for an optimal monitoring of your key market drivers. Before using a MyMosaics you must parameter its layout.

MyMosaics, on the other hand, is your LIVE market monitoring tool (For more information read the section MyMosaics).

How does MyMosaics differentiate from the existing Mosaic Views ?

Mosaic Views can be uploaded from all FinGraphs directories. They allow users to view all items in the directory over the same frequency (Weekly, Daily, …). They are great to browse through lists of instruments to identify opportunities such as remaining potential, exaggerations and divergences. They will also help you analyse market breadth (portion of Bulls vs Bears and average potential left vs levels of risk). They will however not allow you to view the same or several instruments over different frequencies

Mosaic Views will help you stock pick and analyse the market.

MyMosaics, on the other hand, is your LIVE market monitoring tool.

Private Selections

How to set up a MySelections

The "MySelections" tab at the bottom of each "markets directory" will allow you to add an instrument to a MySelections list. The MySelections menu in the “Markets” section will allow you to create an empty new list, manage their content and access the charts of its constituents any-time, anywhere.

You must first select, the instruments you want to include in your MySelections.

Then Click on " Add to MySelections" button

Your new MySelections has been updated or created.

Your new MySlections has been updated or created


My Mosaics


Monitor "LIVE" your choice of markets and frequencies:

Customized multi instruments and multi frequencies mosaics.
That you can tailor to your needs with up to 16 charts per page.
Continuously updates on your screen in live streaming mode.
Unique market monitoring for Investors, Day-traders and Binary Options players.



Here an example of a market monitoring mosaic :

As with the MySelections feature, setting up a customized selection of instruments starts from the instruments list in any one of our directories.

You must first select, the instruments you want to include in your MyMosaics.

Then click on " Add to MyMosaiccs" button

Your new MyMosaics has been updated or created

Go back to the same Directory (on this example “Dollar Rates”) if you wish to Add the same item again (Important: you will have to add the same item as many times as you wish to have it featured in your MyMosaics over different frequencies). You can also add more items from the same directory or go back to the "Markets" menu to add items from other directories. Note: if you are adding items into an existing MyMosaics just click on its name and these will be included.

So for example if you wish to feature EUR/USD 4 times in your my Mosaic (e.g. on a 60min, a 4min, a 60sec and a 5sec basis), you will have to upload it 4 times into your MyMosaics. You will always be able to add more later on. You will also be able to delete any items from within the MyMosaics layout control panel at anytime.

Now let’s say you have included 8 items into your MyMosaics

You can now click on it to access the layout control panel:

Layout Control panel:

Drag & Drop to change the position of the various boxes (the box you are dragging will switch positions with the one where you have dragged it). Wait until the dotted points appears to let go, it means that you have dragged it into the right position to perform the switch. You may have to try a few times to get used to it.
Then, on each box, choose the Frequency you would like to represent.
If you wish to delete an item, just Click on the Trashcan at the right-hand lower end of the box.
Don’t forget to "Save" the MyMosaics to register your changes before you leave the layout control panel.
If you wish to start again in setting up your layout configuration just press "Reload" to revert to the last saved version.
Once your layout has been saved, click on the top right hand corner of the layout control panel: "View this mosaic".

Your MyMosaics will appear with your chosen layout and choice of instruments and frequencies and start streaming "LIVE".

For example, please see below an 8 items MyMosaics featuring EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and GBP/USD on 60 seconds charts on the top line and 15 seconds chart on the bottom line

At any time you can Click on anyone of the charts to gain access to the most relevant 3D view for its frequency.

Access Existing MyMosaics


If you wish to view or change the layout of existing MyMosaics, you may do so directly through the dedicated menu in the "Markets" section.



if you need help in setting up your MyMosaics, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Desk.


Admin - "Live" CRM

With the Corporate Solutions client advisors can visualizes, in the Admin section, at any Time, the utilization profiles of their clients on the FinGraphs platform and hence identify their day to day centers of interest. This CRM will increase your "Client Knowledge" and will result in more targeted investment proposals as well as a more interactive client / advisor relationship.

Example of a live CRM report:

Admin - CRM
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