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Many brokers, one integration

Trade on streaming live prices directly from Fingraphs Charts with you dedicated broker via our integration of Tradable's API.

Tradable has partnered with a wide range of brokerages across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific to provide developers with one global, multi-asset platform for adding trading across foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and indices.

Participating Brokers (Through Tradable on FinGraphs):


CFH Clearing 



Now you can sync your trading account easily and trade securely through FinGraphs. With trading integrations from Tradable we are adding a new dimension to your trading experience.

Trade on streaming live prices directly from FinGraphs with your dedicated broker via API integration.

With our new integration you can now connect and synchronize your brokerage account with FinGraphs to see:

  • A full overview of your account and real-time PnL.

  • View your portfolio and manage your positions.

  • See streaming prices from your trading account in real-time.

  • Stay updated and manage your positions and protection orders directly from FinGraphs.

Enjoy a full trading experience; manage your account summary, see real-time prices, open profit/loss, execute trades and manage your open positions without ever leaving FinGraphs.

Special offer with CFH Clearing

For financial institutions and professional traders only, barring approval from CFH Clearing.

By trading through Tradable on the FinGraphs website, you can cumulate FREE FinGraphs credit days

Earn 1 day of FinGraphs Credit for every $300'000 you transact on Tradable through the FinGraphs website

Convert them into subscription days whenever you want (up to 31 days each calender month)
Cumulate up to 60 days in advance of free

FinGraphs credit days

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