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Automated Trend Interpretation

FinGraphs calculates two standard deviation envelopes around price (larger yellow and thinner white envelope). Their slopes help FinGraphs assess the potential Trend Direction. A potential uptrend is illustrated by a BULL "THINK POSITIVE" and a potential downtrend by a BEAR "THINK SAFETY".

The trend analysis is then summarized in a 3D Market Positioning box. This Robo-Advisor takes into account the BULL and BEAR potential Trend identifications over the 3 time frames. These are then combined to generate a 3D Markets Positioning message.

Trends in 3D

FinGraphs presents "Markets in 3D", i.e. each chart is presented over 3 investment/trading horizons

1. Primary trend: Longer Term  2. Secondary trend: Medium term  3. Minor Trend: Sorter Term.

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